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Between 2001-09 the average annual vehicle miles traveled by US 16-34yr olds has decreased 23% (10,300-7,900 miles) http://t.co/2FvGf4IXa6
Only 21% of Americans approve of the way Republicans in Congress are handling negotiations over the budget: http://t.co/O6Rc8gz1Jp
28% of people in London are in poverty, 7% higher than the rest of England: http://t.co/URvB5Qbb2r #poverty #urbanism
19% of US workers are overeducated for their jobs (highest: UK & Japanese 30% - lowest: Italians 14%) http://t.co/LJLz5tmlDv @OECD
The average time between trains, as seen by a random passenger, is substantially higher than the true average: http://t.co/vnqWK8fZP4
In the first 6 months of 2013, 100% of the people bitten by L.A. County Sheriff's canines were black or hispanic: http://t.co/UFRP4OVvbq
Some 800,000 #NYC residents live now on territory (roughly a 1/4 of the city), that will be on a flood plain by 2050: http://t.co/j2SvCd2vr7
20% of UK students consider themselves to have a mental health problem, 13% have suicidal thoughts: http://t.co/boy5aDOd0b #phealth
In Washington, D.C., over 6% of residents have a paid membership to a single cheating site: http://t.co/xZFVjx3gIo via @alfrehn
Housing #homeless produces $2 in costs avoided (health/services) for every $1 spent (housing) 1st yr, $6/$1 yrs after http://t.co/FQKAfQxdXS
In 2012 20% of all trips <1 mile were made by cars and vans: http://t.co/b2ZFIV2TuS #walkable #data
Only 78.3% of US adults reached a Level 2 (/5) in literacy, while 9.1% did not a reach Level 1 in numeracy: http://t.co/l71PZl39pJ #ed
>1000 concrete buildings in LA are prone to collapse during earthquakes: http://t.co/zxMockjT6K #maps #data #LA
Among people who live in downtown Toronto, 46 per cent walk to work: http://t.co/pwGtDCiWOY #cities #TOpoli #walkable
3% America’s land mass, basically the cities, generates 85% of its economic activity: http://t.co/pwGtDCiWOY #data #cities
People who #commute 1hr each way must earn 40% more $$ to be as satisfied as those who don't: http://t.co/qqvanSY58p @urbandata
People who ride public transportation get 3x more physical activity than those who don’t: http://t.co/cjQtwSPbvo @APTA_Transit @urbandata
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